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Do You Need to Love or be Passionate About What You Sell to be Good at Selling It?

Do you have to love or be passionate about your product in order to sell it?

This is an oft asked question that usually generates passionate debate. Of course there are those reps who are lucky enough to work for companies that sell products and services they can really fall in love with.

The problem for most of us, though, is we sell stuff like industrial pumps, nuts and bolts, uniforms, and other business services that frankly illicit little passion.

I’ve spent most of my career selling products and services that are mundane and boring. I did not love my product. I was not passionate about it. Yet, I’ve been phenomenally successful in sales.

Now let me be clear. Not loving what I am selling is not the same as not believing in what I am selling. There is a difference. I’ve always believed that what I was selling could help my prospect. If I thought my product would not solve my customer’s problem or that it would not live up to my promises then, yes, it would be very hard to sell it and still retain any integrity.

So, if I did not love my product how was I able to sell it?

What I found that I loved was process of learning about my prospect’s business, understanding their problems, and showing them how I could help them. I enjoy and am passionate about the process of interacting, building relationships, solving prospects’ problems, and of course closing the deal.

To me that is a far more motivating driver than the product or service itself.

How about you?

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