3 Reasons Why Salespeople Treat the CRM Like a Trash Can [Video]

I hate writing about or talking about CRMs. It’s boring and tiring. It is also a turnoff because I know salespeople have no love for the CRM. But this is this is the brutal, and often ignored, reality:

There is no weapon or tool in your sales arsenal that is more important or impactful to your long-term income stream than your prospect database. Nothing. Your database of prospects is what helps you make a living now and in the future. It does not make a difference what you sell; a well-managed, living, breathing prospect database is a gold mine that keeps on giving.

Your CRM is the most important tool in your sales arsenal because it:

  • Allows you to manage the details and tasks related to many different contacts without having to remember everything.
  • Keeps you organized, manages your pipeline, and saves your deals and relationships from getting derailed. It makes life easier by doing work for you.
  • Allows you to segment and sort your prospect database and build prospecting lists based on any field or group of fields in the database. This makes you exponentially more effective and efficient in your prospecting activities.
  • Helps you systematically qualify prospects so that you move them up the prospecting pyramid.

When you peel all of the technology away, a CRM is just a software-based filing system that makes it easier for you to manage and access information because it does a very simple task: It remembers important things for you and reminds you when those things are important. Face it, you are moving fast and forget things. In sales the little things are big things and a well-managed CRM will prevent slip-ups that could cost you deals.

The CRM is arguably the most powerful tool in the sales arsenal. Yet most sales people treat it like a trashcan rather than a gold mine. There are a number of reasons why salespeople don’t leverage the CRM to their advantage. In this video I discuss those reasons – and how to change your perspective – with Mark Hunter author of High Profit Prospecting.

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