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4 Tips for Getting Past Sales Objections [Video]

Every salesperson thinks about objections. What objections they might get. What do do when they get them. What to say. The best way to respond. Salespeople hate objections because objections are speed bumps and sometimes roadblocks on the the way to the next step in the sales process and more importantly closing the sale.

This is why dealing with objections and the feeling of rejection that often accompanies these objections is one of the most difficult aspects of mastering sales.

In this video I discuss the 4 Keys to Getting Past Objections with Nancy Bleeke – Author of Conversations That Sell . Whether you are dealing with a

  • price objection;
  • shopping around objection;
  • need to think about it objection;
  • have to talk to my boss objection;
  • or we like you competitor better objection;

the more prepared and relaxed you are with your response, the more successful you will be in getting past the objection and closing the sale.

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