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David Pullon is a move the needle sales trainer, leadership coach, and talent recognition expert with over twenty years in the real estate and fractional ownership industries. His leadership approach is high in sales aptitude, fun and interactive as he understands effective training lives on through effective execution.  He is a skillful sales and marketing leader whose areas of expertise include the short and long term sales cycle, recruitment and selection, sales and marketing leadership, the sales process, training delivery and training execution. David understands that leaders have the task of getting others to follow when they have the option not to, leaders must raise others ambition! He promotes a mutual transfer of knowledge by collaborating with every organization to create a development program that brings all employees to a higher level so they feel connected with the organization which increases their motivation to work and boosts their overall performance. It is a continuous process.

David serves as Sales Gravy’s Master Trainer

Our Core Values

We transform organizations by helping people reach peak performance, fast!

We’re nice to everyone, no matter what.

We always give more than is required.

We leave everything on the field – no one will ever out hustle us, ever.

We believe it is never a mistake to do the right thing.

We transform organizations by helping people reach peak performance, fast!

Our Proven Process

We leverage a proven process to understand your unique situation, align our message to your desired outcomes, deliver a flawless keynote or workshop, and anchor learning so that it sticks.

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