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A Hack For Targeting Your Sales Efforts in December

From now until the end of the year it is a challenge to get prospects to make buying decisions. Savvy sales pros, though, are engaging businesses that are sitting on piles of cash and demonstrating how smart buying decisions now can add value to the business while reducing their overall tax burden. Get more sales training tips at

How One Bad Employee Can Destroy Your Brand Forever [Video]

Companies make massive investments to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Yet one bad employee that treats your customer with indifference

3 Reasons Why Salespeople Treat the CRM Like a Trash Can [Video]

I hate writing about or talking about CRMs. It’s boring and tiring. It is also a turnoff because I know salespeople have no love for the CRM

Two Types of Salespeople – Hunters and Vegetarians [Video]

In today’s world there are two types of salespeople. VEGETARIANS and HUNTERS Vegetarian salespeople are order takers who sit around waiting to get luck

3 Big Things Salespeople Must Do [Video]

In Part 2 of my four part interview with Jennifer Gluckow from Sales in a New York Minute, I sit down in the Sales Cafe and discuss the most important things

Salespeople Aren’t Afraid of the Cold Call – They’re Just Afraid to Call [Video]

As a salesperson you’ve got a choice to make: Interrupt or fail. It really is that simple. To sit back and wait for prospects to come to you

People Buy You: Keys to Influence and Persuasion

In this Sales Mastery Summit video interview Jeb discusses the secrets of persuasion and influence and why ultimately, people buy you.

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