Sales Manager Survival Guide [Book Review]

I believe that sales management is the hardest job in sales.

Salespeople scoff when they hear me say this and from time to time respond negatively in person and through online comments.

Sales leaders, on the other hand, nod their heads in solemn agreement. They know the truth. When it comes to success, failure, or mediocrity the sales leader is the foundation on which the fate of the sales team rests.

Yet the sales leader is usually the last person to receive training, often earns less than her salespeoSales Manager Survival Guide - David Brockple, is burdened with endless and mindless administrative tasks, and ultimately gets all of the blame when things go wrong and little of the praise when things go well.

It’s no wonder that the average tenure of sales leaders is less than 18 months. And it’s exactly why you need David Brock’s Sales Manager Survival Guide.

This brilliant new book is quite literally a “Swiss Army Knife” for sales managers. Every chapter is packed with specific instructions for handling virtually every situation you face as a sales leader. From what to do in your first 90 days, to deal reviews, one-to-ones, coaching, PIPs, forecasting, recruiting, business management, strategy, sales tools, building culture, and the list goes on.

There is something in this book for everyone. If you are a newly minted sales leader you absolutely must buy the book. If you are a veteran I guarantee this book will help you brush up and reignite your sales leadership skills, if you are an executive you should make it required reading for EVERY new sales leader.

Great sales leaders make immeasurable impact of their organizations and the lives of the people they lead. That is the true joy that comes from choosing a career as a sales manager. David Brock gets this and wants you to reach this level of success. This is why I give Sales Manager Survival Guide five big stars and my highest recommendation.


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