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We’re Starving For Leaders Who Connect With Us As People

Leadership is personal. To think otherwise is to deny the very fabric of who we are as humans. People bring their own styles, cultures, morals, beliefs, ethics, and norms into the workplace making one-size-fits-all leadership impossible. Your relationships with those you lead and their relationship with you are guided and influenced by these powerful drivers and sometimes illogical emotions.

There are thousands upon thousands of articles, books, seminars, and university-level courses dedicated to teaching the mechanics of managing, coaching, and leading people. Organizations of all kinds regularly send their people to leadership-development training. spending literally billions on training current and future leaders. Yet studies, data, and our research through interviews indicate that the state of leadership in the workplace is atrocious.

Why? Leaders at all levels fail at the interpersonal side of leadership—they forget or ignore the fact that leadership is personal. The primary reason why so many leaders simply fail at leadership is that they are unwilling to accept that leadership is, and always will be, about human relationships. They wrongly believe that just because they have the word manager printed on a business card or their name is some company org chart it is enough.

In business, to be called a leader, all you need is a business card that says you are the supervisor, manager, director, or regional vice president. Being the leader, formally or informally, just means you are in charge. You are the boss—the people who work for you are obligated to do what you say . . . or else! They have to in order to keep their jobs because you have to the power to fire them.

In interview after interview with well-respected leaders, we hear the same mantra. The best leaders are the best relationship builders. These leaders understand that success as a leader is directly and entirely related to the quality of the relationships they build and sustain with the people they lead. All of the lessons taught in the myriad leadership courses and books are hollow unless and until you accept that even though your title, business card, or position on your company’s org chart may declare, “I am the boss of you,” leadership begins when people choose to FOLLOW YOU for their reasons, not yours.

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