5 Steps to Double Voicemail Call Backs


5 Steps to Double Voicemail Call Backs

As I reluctantly trudge through voicemail messages from salespeople, there are three kinds that drive me crazy:

– No Contact Information. These messages are automatically deleted.

– Long-Winded. Somewhere in the middle of their droning on and on I usually hit delete.

– Garbled Contact Information. When I have to listen to a message more than once, it wastes my time and I delete it.

Here’s the deal: To get more of your messages returned you must make it easier for your prospects to call you back.

5 Steps to Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned:

  1. Identify Yourself. Say who you are and the company you work for up front. This makes you sound professional and transparent.
  2. Say Your Phone Number Twice. Prospects can’t call back if they don’t have or you garbled your number. Give your contact information upfront and say it twice – slowly. Plus, after they hear your name and company they may not care about the rest of your message because based on their situation they can infer what it is about.
  3. Tell Them the Reason for Your Call. Tell them why you have called. There is nothing more irritating to a buyer than a salesperson who is not honest about their intentions. After you give your personal information just say, “The reason for my call is” or “the Purpose of my call is”, then tell them why you are calling and what you want. Transparency is both respectful and professional.
  4. Give Them a Reason to Call You Back. Prospects call back when you have something that they want or are curious about. Curiosity is a powerful driver of behavior. When you have knowledge, insight, information, special pricing, new or improved products, a solution to a problem, etc. you create a motivating force that compels your prospect to call you back.
  5. Repeat Your Name and Say Your Phone Number Twice. Before you end your message, say your name again slowly and clearly and always, always say your number twice.

“Hi Rick, this is Jeb Blount from Sales Gravy, my phone number is 1-888-360-2249, that’s 1-888-360-2249. The reason I am calling, is you downloaded our whitepaper on cold calling and I want to learn more about your situation and what triggered you to seek out this information. I also have some additional resources on voice mail messages and phone prospecting I thought you might be curious to learn about. Let’s get together this week. Give me a call back at 1-888-360-2249, that’s 1-888-360-2249.”


5 Steps to Double Voice Mail Call Backs - Jeb Blount


I am aware that it feels awkward to say your phone number four times on the same voice mail message. Your goal is to make it easy and pleasurable for them to call you back, not more comfortable for you.

By saying your phone number twice up front they don’t need to listen to the entire message to get your phone number if they are ready to call you back.

If your message intrigued  or hooked them and they want to call you back you’ve made it easy for them because you gave your number twice at the end of the message they don’t have to replay the message to get your contact information.

Making it easy increases the probability that you’ll get a callback. In fact, it will at least double your callbacks when you use this methodology consistently.

Bonus Tip: Keep voice mail messages to thirty seconds. When you hold yourself to thirty seconds it forces you to be clear, succinct, and professional.

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Get Free sales training straight to your inbox.

More than 360,000 sales pros build their skills with Jeb each week!