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Here we stand, peering around the corner at the new year ahead. It came fast - as new years always do. Looking back at 2016 we all have some regrets for things that we did and things we left undone; for time that was squandered; for opportunities
"I hate to lose, more than I love to win." This statement is attributed to a number of top athletes including Larry Bird. It personifies the internal drive of top competitors. The distain for losing at anything pushes superstars to work harder and stay later, become singularly focused, do
People act on emotion and justify with logic. From complex to completely transactional, impulse purchases, emotions drive buying decisions. The examples are legion and science is stacking up one study after another that demonstrate how emotion influences the choices we make. Daniel Pink says that to sell is
Leadership is personal. To think otherwise is to deny the very fabric of who we are as humans. People bring their own styles, cultures, morals, beliefs, ethics, and norms into the workplace making one-size-fits-all leadership impossible. Your relationships with those you lead and their relationship with you
Every salesperson thinks about objections. What objections they might get. What do do when they get them. What to say. The best way to respond. Salespeople hate objections because objections are speed bumps and sometimes roadblocks on the the way to the next step in the sales
I believe that sales management is the hardest job in sales. Salespeople scoff when they hear me say this and from time to time respond negatively in person and through online comments. Sales leaders, on the other hand, nod their heads in solemn agreement. They know the truth. When
At dinner this weekend our good friend Michelle told us a story about an experience she had recently while shopping for a mattress. Now this wasn’t just any mattress; this was a high end mattress that cost a couple of thousand dollars. Prior to making the purchase
There is no doubt that social media can be a powerful prospecting, lead generation, and relationship development tool. Sadly though most salespeople fail to get the most out of their time investment in social selling. On this 15 Minute Webinar I spend time with social selling phenom Laura
It's the skill and poise to deal with prospecting objections and turn them into yesses that will give you the biggest wins and get you in front of the high-value prospects that every salesperson in your territory is chasing. Yet it is here that many salespeople freeze
I spent the past week working with one of my client’s inside sales teams. My objective was to map the sales process of their very best reps in preparation for writing a custom sales training curriculum designed to accelerate the performance of their entire sales team. To gain
Companies make massive investments to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Yet one bad employee that treats your customer with indifference can wipe that investment away and damage your brand in that customer's eyes forever. Sometimes the damage is so bad that it is not possible to
In today’s world there are two types of salespeople. VEGETARIANS and HUNTERS Vegetarian salespeople are order takers who sit around waiting to get lucky. They whine and complain about not having enough leads, competitor’s dropping their prices, prospects that aren't buying, not having the right products, and are
In Part 2 of my four part interview with Jennifer Gluckow from Sales in a New York Minute, I sit down in the Sales Cafe and discuss the most important things salespeople should be doing: Scheduling daily prospecting blocks Consistently moving deals through the pipeline by asking for the next
Sales is an art … Sales is a science ... Sales is a numbers game … Sales is hard . . . Sales is easy . . . Sales is complex . . . Sales is simple . . . Sales is simple but not easy . . . Sales is a process . .
  In this video I sit down with Jen Gluckow, founder of the sales training firm Sales In a New York Minute and discuss the birth of my company Sales Gravy and how I leveraged fanatical prospecting to build the #1 Ranked Sales Job Board. Note: This is part one
Leadership is complex. There are simply too many variables to get it right all of the time. Great leaders often express regret for mistakes they've made that have negatively impacted others. I certainly have not batted 1.000 as a leader and, regardless of how gifted you may be,
In this podcast episode I go into the studio with Jen Gluckow, founder of the sales training firm Sales in a New York Minute. Jen is a sales and social media expert who earned her chops in the Big Apple. In our conversation we take on cold calling
While many companies and experts engage in debates over the efficacy of inside sales vs outside sales, some innovative companies are creating mash ups of sales functions and channels that are accelerating growth and delivering a better customer experience. On this podcast episode, you'll hear from Patricia Bible,