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Many of our clients engage us to build custom workshops for their events.

We have a deep library of content and experience with organizations across all industry segments. This allows us to easily flex to your needs and meeting theme to develop content just for your audience. Contact to learn more.

7 steps to building effective prospecting sequences workshop

Well-crafted prospecting sequences improve the statistical probability that sellers engage prospects at the right time, through a preferred channel, with the right message.

In this workshop, participants learn the seven steps to building effective prospecting sequences that grab the attention of prospects and compel them to act.

Mastering Telephone Prospecting Workshop

Because the telephone continues to be the most efficient and effective prospecting channel it is imperative that sellers master this key virtual channel.

In this workshop, participants learn how to quickly engage and make personal connections with prospects, qualify, set appointments, and move directly into sales conversations by leveraging the phone for outbound prospecting.

coaching fanatical prospecting

Coaching and maintaining consistent outbound prospecting activity is the most pressing challenge for modern sales leaders.

In this workshop leaders learn the keys to coaching fanatical prospecting and sustaining a team sales culture that values and drives proactive prospecting activity.

Prospecting Objections Workshop

Of all objections, prospecting objections are the most challenging. They can be harsh, personal, and set reluctant prospectors back on their heels.

In this workshop, participants learn a powerful three-step framework for skipping past the fear of rejection and handling any prospecting objection that is thrown at them.

Email Prospecting Workshop

With so many people working from home, email prospecting is more important than ever.

In this virtual instructor-led workshop participants learn a proven four-step framework for crafting winning email messages that hook prospects and convert.

Time Management for Sales Professionals Workshop

In sales, time is the great equalizer. Every sales professional on earth has exactly 24 hours each day. How they choose to invest their time is often the greatest predictor of success or failure.

In this workshop participants learn how to take control of their time and sales day with proven time management techniques, tools, and tactics.

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