A Powerful Technique for Getting Past Objections

Sun, 14 Jan 2018 20:11:29 GMT

On this episode you learn why the Social Proof Heuristic is a powerful way to minimize fear and how to leverage it to make it easy for your buyer to move forward. Get more sales tips at https://www.SalesGravy.com...

Activating the Self Disclosure Loop

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 20:11:29 GMT

When prospects put up emotional walls and smoke screens that impede discovery, this technique can get them to open up and tell you everything. For more sales tips go to https://www.salesgravy.com...

3 Keys to Your Best Year Ever

Mon, 01 Jan 2018 20:11:29 GMT

As you look ahead into the new year, your future is unwritten. At this pivot point you have the opportunity to shape your future. In this episode Jeb gives you tthe 3 keys to making this your best year ever. For more tips go to https://www.salesgravy.com...

How to Build Your Pipeline With Referrals

Thu, 28 Dec 2017 20:11:29 GMT

Referrals are higher quality leads, easier to close, and shorten the sales cycle. And, most salespeople never ask for them. In this episode you learn the keys to building a high-yield pipeline with referrals. For more sales tips go to: https://www.salesgravy.com...

Do Not Allow Losers and Haters to Keep You From Your Dreams

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 20:11:29 GMT

Whenever you have a dream or goal there will always be someone there to steal your joy or put up road blocks. It is crucial that you learn to use these haters as fuel and never allow them to get in your way. Get more free tips and advice at https://www.salesgravy.com...

Selling to the Invisible Stranger

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 20:11:29 GMT

On this episode Jeb Blount and Chris Beall (CEO of ConnectAndSell) discuss the reasons why salespeople are afraid of the phone....

Shed Your Wishbone and Grow a Backbone

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 20:11:29 GMT

The reason salespeople fail to get what they want is they fail to ask. Instead of asking they beat around the bush and passively wait for their prospect to do the work for them. Asking is the most important discipline in sales and failing to ask means you fail. Get more tips at https://www.salesgrav...

Pick Up the Damn Phone!

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 20:11:29 GMT

In one our most intense episodes ever, Jeb Blount and Alex Goldfayn discuss why salespeople who want to make more money must re-learn how to use the phone. Download the Sales Hack ebook at https://free.salesgravy.com/hacks...

Crushing Q4

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 20:11:29 GMT

The fourth quarter is prime time for sales teams. Manage Q4 well and you'll make your number and more. Manage it poorly and you'll pay for your mistake well into the new year. Get more free sales tips at https://www.salesgravy.com...

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