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The Real Meaning of Independence Day in America

Each year, on July 4th, I reflect on the blessing to have been born in a country where anything is possible and anyone, no matter economic

There are Only Two Types of People in Business

This message is designed to motivate you. To make you feel proud about being a Sales Professional. To encourage you to keep grinding. Sales Professionals are the elite athletes of the business world. You keep the economy humming. Most people in your company are employed because you are out on the front lines getting deals done. Of course, that doesn’t mean that […]

The One Change You Need to Make to Get Out of Your Sales Rut

I spent the past week working with one of my client’s inside sales teams. My objective was to map the sales process of their very best reps in preparation

A Hack For Targeting Your Sales Efforts in December [Video]

From now until the end of the year it is a challenge to get prospects to make buying decisions. Savvy sales pros, though, are engaging businesses that are sitting on piles of cash and demonstrating how smart buying decisions now can add value to the business while reducing their overall tax burden. Get more sales training tips at

How One Bad Employee Can Destroy Your Brand Forever [Video]

Companies make massive investments to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Yet one bad employee that treats your customer with indifference

The Only Three Questions that Matter This Year

Here we stand, peering around the corner at the new year ahead. It came fast – as new years always do. Looking back at 2016

The Fine Art of Losing

I hate to lose, more than I love to win.” This statement is attributed to a number of top athletes including Larry Bird. It personifies the

To Buy is Human – Approaching Buyers the Way They Buy

People act on emotion and justify with logic. From complex to completely transactional, impulse purchases, emotions drive buying decisions.

The Likable Leader: Gaining Mindshare and Stoking Employee Engagement in a Diverse Workplace

By Jeb Blount, Author of People Follow You The Gen X leader I was working with was frustrated at his inability to get his team of

Shocking: 70 Percent of Customers are Lost From Neglect

You don’t send me flowers, you don’t sing me love songs, you hardly talk to me anymore. Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond sang these words

3 Reasons Why Salespeople Treat the CRM Like a Trash Can [Video]

I hate writing about or talking about CRMs. It’s boring and tiring. It is also a turnoff because I know salespeople have no love for the CRM

Sales Manager Survival Guide [Book Review]

I believe that sales management is the hardest job in sales.Salespeople scoff when they hear me say this and from time to time respond negatively

7 Keys to Making a Great First Impression in Sales

At dinner this weekend our good friend Michelle told us a story about an experience she had recently while shopping for a mattress.

Two Types of Salespeople – Hunters and Vegetarians [Video]

In today’s world there are two types of salespeople. VEGETARIANS and HUNTERS Vegetarian salespeople are order takers who sit around waiting to get luck

3 Big Things Salespeople Must Do [Video]

In Part 2 of my four part interview with Jennifer Gluckow from Sales in a New York Minute, I sit down in the Sales Cafe and discuss the most important things

Attitude – What Goes In Is What Comes Out [Video]

If you want a winning attitude. If you want people to pull you in rather than push you away. If you want to attract success and achieve your goals

4 Keys to More Effective Sales Presentations

This is a guest post by my good friend and presentation specialist Julie Hansen. Make sure you check out her hit new book, Sales Presentations for Dummies

2 Most Important Objectives of Account Management

As an account manager or sales professional the two most important objectives for your customer base is to retain them and grow them

Nobody Answers a Phone that Doesn’t Ring

That’s a little joke that elicits nervous laughs at my keynotes and seminars.For thousands of salespeople, picking up the phone and calling a prospect

7 Keys to Leveraging Proactive Chat for Sales Prospecting

The biggest challenge sales people face when prospecting is getting prospects to engage long enough to convert that connection into an appointment,

3 Tiers of Account Manager and Customer Relationships

Vijay had built a solid relationship with his contact, Evan, who was the director of fixed operations for a national car dealership group. They’d become good

Social Selling is Not a Panacea

Along with the increased awareness of the power of the social channel, there has been a disturbing trend of freshly minted “Social Selling” gurus proclaiming

Salespeople Aren’t Afraid of the Cold Call – They’re Just Afraid to Call [Video]

As a salesperson you’ve got a choice to make: Interrupt or fail. It really is that simple. To sit back and wait for prospects to come to you

5 Steps to Double Voicemail Call Backs

As I reluctantly trudge through voicemail messages from salespeople, there are three kinds that drive me crazy:- No Contact Information. These messages

When You Are on Top, Attack Yourself

Maybe you’ve crossed the finish line first, raised your hands in the air, pumped your fists, and celebrated. Maybe you’ve just come off

Smart Sales Managers Focus on Moving the Middle

In our current business environment sales leaders are faced with unrelenting pressure to deliver results. They are also being stretched in so many different

Find a Way to Win [Image]

Top performers always find a way to win. Instead of making excuses, they look for answers. When they face roadblocks they go over, around, through, or under. Winners never, ever, ever give up.    

3 Strategies for Bouncing Back From Rejection

When prospecting, sometimes, no matter how nice or professional you are, the person you are calling on will tell you to “go screw yourself,” scream

7 Strategies for Dealing With Gatekeepers

Last week while I was training my new assistant and reviewing her responsibilities, she asked me how she should handle calls from salespeople

3 Reasons the Sales Profession has Entered a New Era

I want you to consider the image that comes to mind when you think about salespeople. It’s a picture mostly created by Hollywood– where there is a love affair

Put Your Sales Goggles On

Madison left her appointment with Dr. Roberts, walked straight to her car (with me following), got in and drove away. “What about all of the other doctors in that complex? “

Sales Prospecting and The Paradox of Basics

I’ve been teaching salespeople how to prospect since I was in my twenties. Prospecting skills – interrupting the day of a prospect via phone, email,

7 Mindsets of Top Earning Salespeople

Jim Rohn was famous for saying that “success leaves clues.” But, he wasn’t the first to say this.Highly successful people from ancient philosophers

7 Keys to Using Text Messaging for Sales Prospecting

Here’s a fun game to play at your next gathering of friends and family. Ask them how they feel about salespeople using text messages for prospecting

3 Reasons Your Prospecting Email Subject Line Screams Delete Me

Here’s a fact of life: according to the Harvard Business Review the average business executive gets 200+ emails a day. Add to that the

When It Is Time to Go Home, Make One More Call

I don’t remember where I found the eleven words that changed my sales career. I think I may have stumbled on them in a newsletter or

The Only Closing Technique that Really Works

It doesn’t matter where I go or what I do I can’t get away from salespeople who quiz me about closing techniques and sales managers who beg me

Gratitude Amplifies Attitude

Gratitude is the cornerstone of a positive attitude, the spark that ignites self-motivation, and one of the true keys happiness. It is associated

People Buy You: Keys to Influence and Persuasion

In this Sales Mastery Summit video interview Jeb discusses the secrets of persuasion and influence and why ultimately, people buy you.

Sales Superhero

Let’s get real. The world continues to wallow in an economic malaise where unemployment is high and consumers and businesses keep

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