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Jeb Blount is one of the world’s most dynamic and engaging speakers. He engages audiences across the globe and is one of the few speakers brought back to  the same events year after year  because audiences love him. Meeting planners rave about Jeb’s ability to keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats.



Gratitude Amplifies Attitude

Time: 15 - 30 Minutes
Audience:All audiences

In this emotional, high impact keynote your audience learns the danger of entitlement thinking and how a gratitude mindset builds a better attitude, impacts relationships, work performance, engagement...
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Fanatical Prospecting

Time: 60 Minutes
Audience:Sales Professionals, BDRs, SDRs, Sales Leaders

In this motivational, no-holds-barred keynote your sellers and sales leaders get up front and personal with personal with a brutal fact: The #1 reason for failure in sales in the failure to prospect. ...
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People Buy You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Business

Time: 60 Minutes
Audience:Sales Professionals, Leaders, Customer Service Professionals, Account Managers

In this insightful, entertaining, and impactful keynote your audience will learn the real secret to mastering influence and persuasion. They'll learn the 5 Levers that matter most in human relationsh...
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People Follow You: Leading High Performance Teams

Time: 60 minutes
Audience:Senior, Mid-level, and Frontline Leaders

In this powerful keynote your audience learns the real secret to building and leading high performance teams in today's ever changing workplace. Packed full humor and thought provoking insights your l...
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Delivering a Legendary Customer Experience: How to Make Customers Love You

Time: 60 minutes
Audience:Leaders, Marketing, Customer Service, Account Managers, Sales

In this engaging and provocative keynote your audience is challenged to rethink customer experience. Through stories, humor, and data Jeb builds the case that the real secret to sustainable long-term ...
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Special Notes

Because I have such deep content and customize my message to each unique audience, I'm one of the few speakers that meeting planners bring back year after year. While each keynote and workshop has a theme and framework, I believe that my message should be shaped around each unique audience and organization. For this reason I spend a significant amount of time on research prior to the engagement including interviews with your key players and site visits when possible.

How We Stay Connected

Jeb On-Demand and Sales Gravy University give your audience on-going and personalize access to an entire library of content and resources to anchor the messages and learnings from our engagement. Both resources are available on desktop, mobile browsers, and iPhone & Android APPs. We have have the ability to quickly build customized follow up programs designed specifically for your audience.