Coronavirus Talk #9: On Mental and Physical Resilience

Coronavirus Talk #9: On Mental and Physical Resilience

Coronavirus is Testing Mental Resilience


The Coronavirus third wave is putting a strain on the mental resilience of sales professionals and impacting performance.


From New Possibilities to Managing Mental Resilience


The last time I came to you with the coronavirus talk was back in July. Back then we were talking about new possibilities— about how going through a crucible of adversity helps you lift the chains of limitations off of yourself so that you can see that anything is possible if you make the choice to persevere.


I come to you now in January, during the third wave of the coronavirus, because I’m noticing a big problem. Salespeople are beginning to wear out. In some cases, it’s depression and loneliness. In other cases, it’s waiting and hoping for this to all be over and constantly having your hopes dashed.


All of this stress and anxiety combine to put you in a situation where you just don’t feel very good about life. In sales, if you don’t feel good about life, it’s going to be really, really hard to feel good about selling.


Mental and Physical Drain


The net result is that many people just feel mentally and physically drained. In sales, you need a great deal of mental resilience because you often face so much rejection. The job is hard. And now, you have to work twice as hard to accomplish your sales goals.


In this environment, you need a great deal of intellectual acuity in order to outwit your competitors. Mental acuity requires a great deal of physical stamina. Likewise, mental resilience is directly impacted by physical resilience.


If you’re allowing those days when you just feel depressed to take you down with them, then it’s going to be a lot harder to to to gain the physical stamina that you need.


A Challenge to Focus on You


So my challenge to you on this Coronavirus Talk is to go look in the mirror:

  • Are you taking care of yourself?
  • Drinking too much?
  • Eating too much or the wrong things?
  • Getting enough exercise?
  • Are you doing things to your body that make it harder for you to recover mentally?

If the answer is yes, resolve to make changes. Reach deep down inside of yourself and find the discipline.

Before I made these changes, I didn’t feel good, didn’t really look good, and I wasn’t performing at my very best. Flip forward a couple of months, with a real focus and discipline on taking care of my physical health, and I’m in a much better place.

I’ve got so much more energy and feel much more equipped to handle the disappointments, stress, and anxiety that come along with this horrible pandemic.


Take Action


So take action now. Start eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Do this and I promise you that you will not only get through this, but you’ll also put yourself in a position to win on the other side.


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