How Starting a B2B Podcast Can Elevate Your Personal Brand

How Starting a B2B Podcast Can Elevate Your Personal Brand

Starting a B2B Podcast is a Smart Virtual Selling Strategy


On this episode of the Sales Gravy podcast, Jeb Blount (Virtual Selling) and James Carbary (Content-Based Networking) discuss how starting a B2B podcast can elevate your personal brand and build familiarity.


Familiarity Leads to Liking


In Sales, familiarity is powerful because familiarity leads to liking. When people are familiar with you, the more likely they’ll be to engage on prospecting calls and feel comfortable with you on virtual sales calls.


Familiarity is virtual selling lubrication. It takes the friction out of virtual communication and makes everything easier. The lack of familiarity is why you get so many objections. When people don’t know you, it’s much harder for them to trust you.


To build familiarity, you must make a direct investment in improving the awareness of your name, expertise, and reputation. Starting a B2B podcast is such an investment and, one that will pay huge dividends.


The Virtual Selling Book


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