How to Celebrate Success During the Pandemic and Beyond

How to Celebrate Success During the Pandemic and Beyond

Celebrate Small Wins to Stay Motivated


How do we celebrate success during the pandemic? Salespeople and their leaders are asking this question.


This season, the pandemic has canceled President’s Club and moved Sales Kickoffs from physical meetings to virtual. Its left many sales professionals feeling that the work they did to reach the top is anti-climatic and empty.


In this Sales Gravy Podcast episode,  Jeb Blount and Victor Antonio discuss the keys to celebrating success and staying motivated this year and beyond.


Jeb: Celebrating Victories, Big and Small


We are here in studio blue with the great Victor Antonio, who I believe is one of the greatest orators of our generation. His presence on stage excites me. It’s incredible, it’s engaging, and his stories are real. The path that Victor took to get to where he is today is inspiring. You came up from poverty and you’ve built an empire since then.


I want to talk about some of the issues that people are dealing with today in that context. We’re in the third wave of the pandemic right now, and I’m hearing stories of salespeople who just feel down. One of the people in my insider group sent me a text message and it broke my heart.


She’s like, “I worked all year long. I put everything into getting to President’s Club, and then we had our virtual sales kick-off. I saw my name on a bullet point on a slide and it was just completely anti-climatic. How do I celebrate this? How do I tell my family and friends that I had this victory in my life?” It hurt me because I know how that feels.


I loved to walk on stage and get a trophy, I lived for that as a salesperson. In fact, I told my sales manager, “I don’t care about the money. I want to win. I want the trophy.” So in this world, I thought there was no better person than you to have a conversation with. What can salespeople do to celebrate their victories, both big and small?


Victor: Don’t Let Others Determine Your Value


It’s interesting to me that people want that external validation. A trophy is an inanimate object, you know what I mean? The real victory comes from looking at everything you’ve done. Take a moment to reflect and say, “Look at what I did!” and walk on your own mental stage. We all want recognition.


We all want our successes to be meaningful. But if I just nailed that year, my biggest trophy was always the check. That was my trophy. For people who need that external validation, why do you need it? Why depend on somebody else’s appreciation of you to determine your value? Appreciate it. Live in that space, man.


Jeb: Trophies Are The Past, Live in The Present


One of the things that I’ve always lived by is that when you’re in second place, your job is to take first place. When you’re in first place, you’re competing with yourself.


The problem with getting good is that you get in first place, you win the trophy, and you forget who you’re competing with. You forget that your job is to put the accelerator on instead of getting complacent. Looking at your trophies is living in the past. There are basically three places that you can live at any given time. You can live in the past. You can live in the present. You can live in the future.


The only place that’s real is the present right now, the future hasn’t been written, and the past doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just something that happened. One of the problems that we face when we’re struggling to motivate ourselves or feel that recognition is that we’re living in the wrong place. We need to spend more time in the present than these other places.


Victor: The Thrill of the Journey


I want to challenge your perception of your success a little. I think your joy really comes in the process of getting to the next level. It has nothing to do with actually reaching the next level.


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