There are Only Two Types of People in Business

This message is designed to motivate you. To make you feel proud about being a Sales Professional. To encourage you to keep grinding.

Sales Professionals are the elite athletes of the business world. You keep the economy humming. Most people in your company are employed because you are out on the front lines getting deals done.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they appreciate you. In many cases, it’s just the opposite. The people who count on you the most throw up roadblocks, complain that you don’t sell the right way, and generally make life hard for you. You know how it is. The internal sell is always harder. They may never appreciate you. They may even resent you. But it doesn’t matter. Deep inside they know how much they need you and you know how much value you deliver to your organization.

There are only two types of people in business. People who sell things and people who support the people who sell things.

This is why smart executives invest in their sales organizations. They know that sales covers sins and improves valuation. They know that revenue growth is the key to long-term prosperity and survival.

Salespeople are the real Super Heroes. People all over the world count on you for their jobs. Through your efforts of prospecting, questioning, presenting, closing, and relationship building you will keep your employers financially viable and moving forward.

As you head out to hit the phones and pound the streets. As you encounter rude prospects, roadblocks, unscrupulous competitors, and people in your own organization who disrespect you. As you overcome objections and persistently ask for the sale in the face of unrelenting rejection. I want you to stop for a moment and look at yourself in the mirror.

What you will be see is a professional who, one sale at a time, is playing the most important role in they economy. Lift your shoulders up, stick your chin out, and be proud – what you do matters. Look forward not backward. Stay focused. Be persistent. Remain relentless. The whole world in counting on you.

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