7 Mindsets of Top Earning Salespeople


7 Mindsets of Top Earning Salespeople

Jim Rohn was famous for saying that “success leaves clues.” But, he wasn’t the first to say this.

Highly successful people from ancient philosophers, like Aristotle, to modern day thought leaders have always made the point that there is little need to “reinvent the wheel.” If you study what successful people do, you find patterns. When you duplicate those patterns, you are able to duplicate their success.

Developing and maintaining a winning mindset is the ultimate key to success in sales. This mindset keeps you focused, persistent, and driven to open doors in the face of inevitable set-backs, challenges, and rejection.

When you adopt a winning mindset, you’ll grow in the face of adversity rather than shrink before it.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying the habits of top earning sales pros. Along the way I discovered seven core mindsets that define them. These are their success clues. Duplicate these mindsets and you’ll guarantee yourself success in filling your pipeline and crushing your number.

Seven Mindsets of Top Earning Sales Pros

  1. Optimistic & Enthusiastic: Top earning sales pros have a winning, optimistic mindset. They know that negative, bitter people with victim mindsets do not succeed in sales. They attack each day with enthusiasm – fired up and ready to rock. They view each day as a fresh new opportunity to achieve. Because of this they seize the day, brush past naysayers and complainers, and dive into prospecting with an unequaled drive. Even on bad days they reach deep inside and find enough stored enthusiasm to push themselves to keep going and make one more call.
  2. Competitive: Top earners view the world through the eyes of a fierce competitor. They are hard wired to be number one and will do what it takes to stay on top and start each day prepared to win the battle for the attention of the most coveted prospects. They out-wit and out-hustle their competitors at every turn.
  3. Confident: Top earners approach prospecting and sales with confidence. They expect to win and believe they are going to win. They have developed mental toughness and the ability to manage the disruptive emotions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They leverage confidence and self-control to persuade prospects to give up time and resources to engage in sales conversations
  4. Relentless: Top earners have a high need for achievement. They do whatever it takes to reach their goal. They believe, at the core, that persistence always wins and use rejection as motivational fuel to get up and keep going. In the face of the difficult, rejection dense work that is the sales profession, they move forward with determined belief that their next “yes” is right around the corner. Because of this, they never, ever give up.
  5. Thirst for Knowledge: Top earners welcome feedback and coaching. They seek out every opportunity to learn and invest in themselves by voraciously consuming books, podcasts, audiobooks, blog posts, online training, live seminars, and anything else they believe will make them better. They have an unshakable belief that everything happens for a reason, and through this lens view setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.
  6. Systematic and Efficient: Top earners have the ability to execute with near robotic efficiency. They are skilled at their craft like a pro athlete. They protect the golden hours, block their time, concentrate their focus and power to be efficient and mechanical with sales activities, stick to their guns and avoid disruptions, systematically develop their prospect database, and squeeze every moment from each sales day.
  7. Adaptive & Flexible: Top earners have acute situational awareness. Because of this they are able to respond and adapt quickly to changing situations and circumstances. They leverage the 3As: Adopt, Adapt, Adept. They invest in themselves to discover and adopt new ideas and best practices, then adapt them as their own, and work at it until they become adept at execution.

They are constantly trying new things and flexing with the world around them – whatever it takes to keep their pipeline full. They know where to mine for gold and tend to be early adopters of new sales techniques, cutting-edge technology, and game-changing tactics.

Look around you, I guarantee that you will find that the highest earning sales professionals in your city, networking groups, and company share these seven mindsets.


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Get Free sales training straight to your inbox.

More than 360,000 sales pros build their skills with Jeb each week!